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Get Your Blog Ready For 2018

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Happy New Year!

As you recover from the holidays and start to get back into your daily business routine, You may find you have a little bit of extra time on your hands. One excellent thing you can do is to go back and clean up your blog.

How long have you been blogging? 5 years? 3 years? In terms of technology that is a lifetime. You may find that some of those posts are severely outdated and no longer reflect your business or your brand. They need to go so they do not give a false representation to a potential customer who may happen upon them.

Here are some questions to ask about your blog content:

Does the content itself still represent your current business?

Does the design of the entries match your current branding and desired aesthetics?  Your brand image may have changed over the course of the last few years and it is important to maintain that image across all the content you deliver to your users. This means that even those old blog posts may need to be a little bit of an update if they don't match your current brand image.

Do you still offer the services described? Are they still a priority for your business? Business's are in a constant state of change. It is natural and even necessary to adapt to what your market is demanding and to what fits your business' strengths. With that in mind, make sure that any old blog posts that no longer reflect these changes are removed. Your customers experience with your business should always take precedence and having irrelevant content or misinformation on your own website will tarnish your brand image.

This is also a great time to look in Google analytics.

  1. Check for high bounce rates
  2. Pages that have low page visit
  3. The average session duration
  4. Number of pages per visit

All this data can paint a picture on how your blog is performing. You can see what works, what needs improving, and what you need to just get rid of completely.

This house cleaning not only removes clutter and helps to keep you focused on your current business goals and branding, but it will also have positive SEO implications.

While checking for unneeded content, also make sure you don’t have any posts that are duplicated or too closely related. Check to make sure you don’t have posts that are contradicting each other.

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